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JBCGSI - JBC Group Solutions, Inc.

Congratulations! You have just taken the first step in increasing the revenue of your business.

Many of our customers experience 15-20% in savings immediately on their business’ energy costs and never have any capital investment. Others are experiencing faster, more reliable infrastructure and data protection with the smallest initial capital  investments in the marketplace.  

Our business has been crafted around cutting your operating, media, advertising and infrastructure costs as well as the related stresses with the various pain points of your business and subsequently raising your overall net revenue.

Most business owners, executives and IT department managers are overwhelmed with the ever changing climate of telecom, data storage and protection technologies and are not well informed about the newest cutting edge, trade proven effective marketing strategies that are forever evolving in the Social Media and WWW.

With JBCGSI, you get a team of confidential expert consultants that will take your business and analyze its every crevice to seek out all of the options your business can exercise to increase profits and profitability without compromising quality and enhancing reliability. The solutions will be custom tailored for your business and your business only,  to eliminate a majority of your points of “slippage” to increase your profits and allow you to navigate this critically ever-changing economic climate with some predictability and sustainability.

A typical customer loses about 30-40% of their  monthly overhead to slippage.           

Slippage is an invisible force lowering your profits every minute of everyday and contrary to popular belief can be easily avoided with little modifications to the daily workload by enhancing the business owner’s or controller’s control over the workplace expenses.

According to US Census Bureau research, 93% of companies that lost their data for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy within one year of a disaster; and 50% filed for bankruptcy immediately.

JBCGSI provides you with proven services that have been designed with the piece of mind that in necessary in a critical event of network breach.  an event of a targeted attack on their data, they will be protected by the most reliable and cutting edge continually upgraded. When your Network Server is virtually imaged, backed up and hosted and the mainframe goes down, you have service up within an hour and don’t have to allocate $5,000-$7,000 for a new server since the system is completely duplicated in a virtual location.

Our team of consultants come from a variety of backgrounds in IT, Network and Site Security as well as Local and Remote Alarms, Electrical Engineering, Energy Management, Construction, Utility Infrastructure, Telecommunications Infrastructure and Telecommunications Brokering, Cloud Hosting, Data Storage and Backup, Data Recovery, MPLS Infrastructure, Website Design & Development, Domain & Website/E-Commerce Hosting, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Digital and Offset Printing and Advertising Media, Graphic Design, Branding and Apparel, Vehicle Graphics and Wrap, Custom Signage, Advertising and Non-Profit Fundraising Campaigns and Outbound Telemarketing just to name a few of the resources available to you through JBCGSI’s relationships with independent consultants, agents, master brokers and other companies globally.  

We have developed special agreements and relationships with over 100 different service providers and merchandise support and supply companies (Some on the Fortune 500) to extend discount savings to our clients and we make the effort to check the competition to insure that we are saving you money.

As a team of independent consultants that don’t share exclusivity with any provider we do what is best for our clients and provide an independent non-bias proposition of all of the options available to suit their needs, the client chooses the best solution to the their needs and budget.

Simply put, JBCGSI brings you access to a truly unsurpassed network of industry experts from over 100 companies that range from CEO’s to Technical Experts of Small to Enterprise Class and Fortune 500 businesses to insure that you aren’t just getting the service you want, but you are getting it for the best price available on the market and when a better price comes up for the same service we will be the first to tell you because we work for you, not the providers.

Call us today at 1-888-522-6684 ext. 0 to see what we can do to provide you with a higher monthly profit.

We provide Local, National, Continental and Global Solutions to the Telecommunications, Cloud Hosting, Remote Monitoring, Energy Monitoring,  Inbound/Outbound Call Center Services, Graphic Design, Advertising and Artwork Production, Vehicle Wraps, Media and more, call today to see what we can do for you.

Solutions built around your specific needs.

How we enhance our client’s profit margin -

Consultant signs a client confidentiality agreement and provides you with an audit of the core overhead pain points including but not limited to;

    - Audit Energy & Utility Billing Profiles & Rate/Rebate Restructuring.

    - Energy Management, Automation and Controls CMS and Design

    - Telecommunications and Cloud Hosting Service.

    ( IaaS, SaaS, DaaS )

    - Network Infrastructure

MPLS, Local, Wireless and Virtual Platforms.

    - Data, Hosting, Back-up and Recovery Restoration with High Level Military Grade Encryption and Restricted Access.

    - UL Fire and Burglary Alarm Monitoring and PERS

Emergency Response Mgmt.

    - Audio/Video/Asset Surveillance, Access Control, and GPS Asset Tracking and Workstation Monitoring.

     - Domains, Hosting, Private Domain Registration, Website Development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Name Logo Branding, Apparel and other Promotional Products.

    - Logo matching e-forms , e-stationary and custom offset stationary, business cards and forms customized to fit your brand and business created to build your name and brand in the market.

    - Brand matching - eye catching logo enhancements to draw attention to your tradeshow booths or autos, work vans and semi trucks.

    - Algorithm and Trend Forecast Determination through outbound polling statistics, data mining and software analysis.

     - Custom Outbound & Inbound Call Center solutions designed to fill the needs of all of your sales, technical support and telemarketing sales lead generation and fundraising campaign needs.

    - Non Profit Solutions to fit a variety of needs from management support to fundraising, event specific & festival credit card and Paypal payment  processing to processing and auctioning of automobiles that have been donated for charity.



- Telecommunications

   (Equipment & Services)


- UL Listed Alarm Monitoring

- Electronic Security

- Access Control

- Asset Tracking and               Inventory Control

- Cloud Server and Storage

   (DaaS, SaaS, and IaaS)

- Disaster Recovery

- Energy Management

- Telemarketing and Sales

- Outbound Call Centers

- Inbound Call Centers

- Social Media Marketing

- Outbound Collections

- Electrical Construction

- Structural Construction

- Communications

- Mobile Device Management

- Application Development

- OSHA Safety Compliance

- OMMP/MMJ State Program



- Graphic Arts, Media &

  Digital/Offset Printing

- Business Cards, Forms,          Stationary and Labels

- Auto/Storefront/Interior          Signage and Graphics

- Telecommunications and        Energy Brokering/Sales

- UL Listed Alarm Monitoring    starting at $14.99/Month*

- Compliance Certifications*

- Inbound/Outbound Calling   and Social Media Marketing

- Domain Purchase, Hosting,       and Private Registration

- Website / E-Commerce /      Application Development

- More solutions around the       corner as we never stop       expanding our offerings.