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Thank you for joining the SRCF as a supporting, booster, or sponsoring member. Your monthly contribution goes to aid the foundation and its divisions in its community outreach, education, and research programs that benefit people of all walks of life and background. SRCF is a 501(c)3 public charity and is subject to the oversight and audit of the Oregon Department of Justice Charities Registration Division and the IRS. As an aid to the handicapped the foundation has remained a voice for patient advocacy and rights at the Capitol.


Some of the Donations made to the SRCF can qualify for charitable contribution deductions on your personal United States Income Tax Returns.  Combined federal and state income tax can reach as high as 50% of your taxable income. Thus, for every dollar you donate toward the SRCF, you may be able to reduce your income tax by 50 cents. Contact your tax advisor to determine your exact tax benefits.


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DISCLOSURE: JBCGSI is under contract with the BOD of the SRCF to provide website development, hosting services, and e-commerce solutions to the SRCF for a flat rate of 5% of revenue collected through the e-commerce portal in lieu of the typical 15% we collect from commercial customers for the same type service, we take a tax deduction for the remaining value because we support the efforts of the SRCF and further thank you for your support. They have touched the lives of many of our loved ones and we know they will do the same for yours. The 5% we retain includes all credit card processing, PCI Compliance and transaction fees related to maintaining the SRCF subscriber database. The SRCF owns 100% of the data contained in the database and your personal information, email, and phone number are never shared, sold, or transferred to any third party entity for any reason. The BOD of the SRCF is controlled by patients, for patients, and they believe in your privacy.  No less than 95 cents of every dollar you spend through this site is transferred to the SRCF. JBCGSI maintains an open transparency policy with the SRCF and all of our accounts are subject to audit by the SRCF Legal and Compliance Committee without notice at any time. For a full breakdown of where your dollar goes, please visit the SRCF’s corporate website at StormyRay(dot)org. You will be directed back to a page redirecting you to the SRCF website upon completion or cancellation of subscription. Thank you.

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